Fall Back In Love With Your Business

Valentines Day love.jpeg

Tis the season of love. There are all those Kay Jewelers commercials that seem to crop up on every channel. And then there are the endless commercials of restaurants standing ready to reel you in with a great 2 for 1 special on V day.

Are you feeling the love yet?

If you are burnt out on running your business then you are probably NOT feeling the love. Check out these ideas below to get that warm fuzzy feeling again about your business.

  • Attend a local meet up or small business networking group in your niche

  • Volunteer or mentor fellow entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey

  • Join a mastermind group with fellow entrepreneurs who can help you take a deep dive into your business

  • Work with a coach that is specific to your business niche

  • Attend a conference and meet new people

  • Change up your routine and schedule time for fun

  • Read or listen to a good book on entrepreneurship or a good autobiography to get inspired

The list of things you can do to get your passion back for your business is endless. We all go through dry spells during our business journey but we must remember this is a chosen path. There are probably many reasons why you started your business and now it is time to get re-energized to share your gifts.

What are some things you do when you get into a business rut? Sharing is caring:)

Keep It Sunny!

What Are You Thankful For Today?

Thanksgiving 2018.jpeg

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love all the food, festivities and time spent with friends & family. There is a lot of noise that comes much in the form of black Friday holiday shopping offers, holiday travel stress, meal prep or missing a love one that has passed on. And as business owners we have additional stress that can take place.

It’s Time To Give Thanks

It can be easy to get caught up in the hoopla of the season and not stop to really reflect on what you are thankful for today. I am thankful for my faith and connection to Jesus, my loving family & friends and for my business. Not to mention being in good health and just for having an overall attitude of positivity.

What About You?

What are you truly thankful for today? Forget the madness that this season can bring and take a quiet moment (I know that maybe hard with a house full of people:) but give it a try. I hope you discover the richness that fills your life with joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Are You Running Out of Gas?


We have all been there. You wish it was Friday but it's only Monday!


As much as we love our business and serving our clients....well....we are human and as a result, we can burn the candle at both ends.

Sometimes you just need a little jolt to get you going again.

Check out the video below from one of my new favorite motivational speakers Eric Thomas.

I know you are burnt out BUT guess what?

It is GO TIME!

In the famous words of Chip & Joanna Gaines...Let's Get After it!

How to Stay Motivated When Building Your Business

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel that never stops? Like you are working towards your goals for getting your business off the ground but your not getting anywhere? I can sure relate to both of these feelings. And when I feel like I am hitting a brick wall I go back to square one to regroup: My "Why".

Simon Sinek describes your why as, "The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do".

It sounds simple but in the rush of everyday life, this idea can get lost. I would encourage you to write down a one-sentence statement that describes why you are interested in being a health & wellness entrepreneur.

Make it bold and personal.

On the days when you feel like you are spinning your wheels take it out and meditate on it. Or put your statement on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror. The point is to stay motivated and energized toward making your business a success. Take a listen to the TED Talk Simon did describing this "why" idea in greater detail.

What is your "why"? Tell me in the comments below.

Keep It Sunny!

Social Proof

image courtesy of Stuart Miles

What do people say when you tell them you want to be a health & wellness coach?

Are they confused? Do they discourage you from doing something that seems so left field? Do you secretly have doubts that what you want to do is even a real profession?

Well here is some social proof to give you encouragement. According to an article published in The Hill, "Health coaches are the future of preventive health care". And the U.S. government agrees, by passing the recent Health and Wellness Coach resolution. "Both parties clearly understand and agree with the new research and a growing movement embracing a holistic approach to wellness with food and lifestyle as the new prescription of choice and health coaches as the guides".

Be encouraged and motivated to continue toward your dreams of changing lives by being a health & wellness coach! 

Have you been met with opposition toward your goals? How did you move past them? I hope this little snapshot of social proof helps you to side-step the naysayers.

Keep It Sunny!