It All Starts With Your "Why"

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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday weekend. I had a great time celebrating it the Las Vegas Local style way which included a trip to the infamous Fremont street. What a wonderful display of Americana to view:)

And now as we get back in the saddle and begin moving and shaking within our business sometimes we can find ourselves in a rut. It can be difficult to remember why we are doing what we are doing. When I get in these tight places I like to refer to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on “Start With Why”.

Why is it that we are doing what we have chosen to do as a professional business owner?

If you are in need of a quick boost of energy in this area then I invite you to take a couple of minutes to take a listen and rediscover your WHY.

Keep IT Sunny!

Are You Stuck In A Business Rut?

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I hope you enjoyed the 4th of July holiday with your friends and family. I think it is a good time to sit back and reflect on those who fought to make sure we have the freedoms we enjoy today including the freedom to work for ourselves.

But what if you are just burnt out?

What do you do then?

Take some time to remember why you started on your journey and just give yourself permission to re-direct your course. 

This is your business and you can color outside of the lines with a joyous smile on your face.

 Sit back and just take time to smell the roses and celebrate your wins.


Keep It Sunny!


How do you define success?

That is my question for you today.

Is it based on comparing your activities to others accomplishments? Is it based on your own personal goals, beliefs, and desires?

If you haven't thought about it lately then take a moment today to pause.......and answer this question.

I am a very goal-oriented person and do my best to set the bar high and achieve my goals. When I fall short of reaching my goals I can get bummed out BUT I always take a moment to reflect and think about these questions:

Did I set my goal too high?

What could I have done better in a process or system?

Who can I help more and deliver more value to?

Did I help one client achieve their business goals this month?

When I answer these questions it gives me time to really give deep thought to how I define success. It's really important that we get intentional about defining what success means on a personal level. Your business is your personal expression of your gifts and talents. Your goals and how you define success should be personal to you as well.

Take some time this weekend to celebrate every win you had this month, regroup and refocus your efforts on areas that you want to improve upon.

Keep It Sunny!

IT's Time To Fall In Love With Your Business Again!

If you are thick in the weeds of running the daily operations of your business then you might be out of gas.

It could be hard to remember why you even signed up for this madness in the first place right?

One of my favorite authors Simon Sinek has a very famous book that I am sure you have heard of called, "Start With Why".

Check out the video clip below and take a mental break today to rediscover your reason for being in business.


Keep It Sunny and You are Amazing!


Why Did You Start Your Business?

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Hello everyone. I hope the month of March was productive and profitable for you. If it was then that is awesome and of course, you should do more of the same for the month of April. If you didn't reach your goals for March then maybe it's time to;




Why Did I Decide To Go Into Business For Myself?

The answer to that question is different for everyone. But it is the foundational fuel that will push you to be a better entrepreneur.

It will give you purpose, energy, and motivation to redirect your efforts toward making your business a success.

This month we discussed how to solve some the biggest problems with running your holistic practice successfully. We took a look at how you can have more peace in your business and using online tools in your business to make it run better. Finally, we took a look at a few ideas on how to be more productive and make more money in your business.

The bottom-line is it is YOUR business. Your heart and soul should be in it 100%. If you feel you are off track then take a little time now before the next month starts to reflect and redirect your efforts.

I will leave you with some words of encouragement that I shared at the beginning of the month.

You can do this. Your destiny is to use your gifts to help people to change their lives for the better! Now get moving!

Keep It Sunny!

3 Reasons To Feel Thankful As You Build Your Business and The Lifestyle of Your Dreams

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Well, it's that time of year when we get together with our family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. For some of us, it will mean going shopping for Black Friday doorbusters. And for others, it will mean watching football and grazing on all the Thanksgiving Day goodies. No matter what your family traditions are it is usually a signal to start taking stock of the year to see what you have accomplished. What if you haven't reached your business or personal goals?

Take a deep breath and read below to stay encouraged.

Reason Number One:

You are taking intentional steps toward realizing your dream work/lifestyle. You might feel discouraged because you haven't arrived at your destination but at least you are on the right path.   

Reason Number Two:

You are using your gifts to change another person's life. This is HUGE! Your business is unique to your specific "gifting". And instead of continuing on the road that is much traveled you decided to be a maverick and use the gifts God gave specifically to you to be an agent of change. 

Reason Number Three:

You are changing your family tree. Dave Ramsey from The Dave Ramsey Show a personal finance podcast, often mentions how going on the journey to live debt free will change your family tree for the better. The same analogy can be said when you go out on your own and start your own business. You are setting a trend in your family (maybe for the first time) to create financial security by starting and running a successful business. And if you are a women entrepreneur you are really changing your family-tree by starting your own business according to an article on "Researchers found that almost 90% of women entrepreneurs expected their companies’ gross profits to increase or remain stable in the next year. More specifically, 61% expected profits to rise, compared to an average of 58% among all entrepreneurs".

It is easy to get down on yourself if you're not exactly where you want to be in your business or living the dream lifestyle you desire. The holidays can bring out the "comparison gremlins" to make you feel lousy. Don't buy into that trap. Take stock of your goals and keep taking one small step forward towards your destiny. I am here to help you reach those goals. If you need to delegate some items off of your to-do list take some time to jot down what things you are doing that are keeping you from focusing on your gifts and email me.


Happy Thanksgiving & As Always Keep It Sunny!


We all have those people in our lives that cast a huge cloud of doubt on new ideas or rain on our parade. Have you stopped to think about how this is affecting not only your business but your emotional well-being?

Take a look at a post I wrote some time ago about this very subject. And share your thoughts in the comments below.



I Love The School Of Greatness Podcast by Lewis Howes!

Lewis Howes has an awesome back story. According to Wikipedia, he is an author, entrepreneur and former professional arena football player. He often tells the story about how he was essentially homeless and living off of the generosity of his sister for a place to sleep. Many years later he has turned his life around and has become a catalyst for the motivational mindset movement.

On his podcast The School of Greatness, he interviews artists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to find out what makes them tick and what makes them great. If you are looking for a positive energy boost check out his podcast and read an article I wrote last year about mindset.

Keep It Sunny!

A Motivational Story On How A Man Who Couldn't Move Found Success His Way

Everyone get's distracted and even discouraged at times when working towards making life work for them.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month I will be highlighting how different entrepreneurs found the strength to turn lemons into lemonade.

My goal is to share these stories in an effort to encourage all of us as we go about trying to live life on our own terms.

The first story I will share is of John Morrow.

John has built multiple multi-million dollar businesses.

He has discovered what hustle & grit can accomplish if you choose to put them to work for you.

John can't move from the neck down.

Listen to his story here as he tells it to John Lee dumas on the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast.



Take Action Today.

Keep It Sunny!