Do You Have Enough Time To Do Everything In Your Life?

Photo courtesy of BimXD/

Photo courtesy of BimXD/

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Are you just too busy? The answer is most likely an exasperated "YES".  You probably don't even have enough time to read what I am typing. :)  So thank you for taking time out to read this. I noticed on certain sites like they tell you how long it will take you to read an article. I love this idea and it helps me to determine whether or not I will read it. I usually do. So I may start to use that for my future blog post but I digress.

Is Time Slipping Through Your Fingers?

The one thing you can do right now to gain more time in your life to do everything that you want to do is to prioritize items and put them on your calendar. So, I guess that is two things. If things don't land on your calendar, then most likely it will not get done. Have you heard of the phrase out of site, out of mind. Well, that is very true. I use Google Calendar to schedule everything in my life, business & personal. Then I sync it to my phone so I can get reminders of the appointments that I have on my calendar.

How do you prioritize and make more time in your day to do everything you want to do in your life??

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