How Do You Handle A Difficult Client?

Photo Courtes of Ambro|

Photo Courtes of Ambro|

We have all had a chance encounter with a difficult client. You know what I mean. A client that seems to thrive on making your life not so happy. Fussy, Trite & Demanding. 

But the real question is how do you handle a difficult client?

First, start with defining the real issue by listening. Rhett Power writes on that "A good listener also engages his heart and mind. He does not allow himself to become distracted, but focuses on the speaker. He doesn't formulate answers before the speaker completes a statement. He doesn't give the appearance of being defensive."

Does The Shoe Fit

Try placing yourself in the other person's shoes. I don't know about you, but when I have received poor customer service from another business I often feel ignored. I think to myself they wouldn't want someone to treat them this way so why are they doing this to me. Well, this is how your client feels when they are frustrated with something that is not going smoothly. They are relying on you to make their lives easier is some shape or form so when we fall short they often feel ignored.

Confess & Correct

O.k. I am sure you are thinking this sounds a bit much. But we should be humble enough to admit when we fall short of a promise and what we are going to do to make it right. When you open your mind and your heart to your clients and show them that you are a real person that bleeds just like they do then real rapport building can happen.

Handling a so called difficult client can be stressful. But it can also be a learning opportunity for you to see what products, skills or services you can improve upon. Make no mistake that having good communication skills coupled with taking action is the only real cure for this ailment. So how do you handle difficult situations with your client? Tell me what is one good tip to use to make the relationship better.

Keep It Sunny!