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Image courtesy of arztsamui at

So in my last post, I talked about how to live more intentional in 2017 by cutting down on the noise in our lives. Today I want to focus on getting fit by doing this:

Get Moving!

The new year's "I am going to get fit" resolution goal is in full swing for many people. I think it is a great goal to have but I also think we tend to get tired and bored just as fast. As health & wellness professionals you probably understand this behavior more than most people.

Time To Try Something New

I just discovered this event called Daybreaker and it looks like something I will definitely put on my list to do this year as a way to stay fit in a fun way. I love dancing in Zumba class and Daybreaker is all about hanging out with the fitness crowd and meeting up to dance. I know it sounds nuts but hey it looks like a lot of fun that will get your blood pumping. It's just one of the many new trends in the health & wellness space happening this year according to the blog Mind Body And Green. 

So what is your favorite workout activity to get you moving and energized towards keeping your fitness goals? Sharing is caring.

Keep it Sunny!