February Bright Spot Round - Up

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Hey There Awesome Entrepreneurs!

The month is over and I hope you crushed your goals for the month and learned something new to help grow your business. I have decided that each month that I would provide a round-up of the month’s blogpost for you because I know you are busy and might not have had a chance to check out what I wrote for you.:)

This month’s themes were about finding the love again for your business by remembering your purpose and networking.

As we walk into March and the lovely spring season we will talk about how we can share what we do more with others by providing value first.

Happy Binge Reading!

Keep It Sunny!!

Fall Back In Love With Your Business

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Tis the season of love. There are all those Kay Jewelers commercials that seem to crop up on every channel. And then there are the endless commercials of restaurants standing ready to reel you in with a great 2 for 1 special on V day.

Are you feeling the love yet?

If you are burnt out on running your business then you are probably NOT feeling the love. Check out these ideas below to get that warm fuzzy feeling again about your business.

  • Attend a local meet up or small business networking group in your niche

  • Volunteer or mentor fellow entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey

  • Join a mastermind group with fellow entrepreneurs who can help you take a deep dive into your business

  • Work with a coach that is specific to your business niche

  • Attend a conference and meet new people

  • Change up your routine and schedule time for fun

  • Read or listen to a good book on entrepreneurship or a good autobiography to get inspired

The list of things you can do to get your passion back for your business is endless. We all go through dry spells during our business journey but we must remember this is a chosen path. There are probably many reasons why you started your business and now it is time to get re-energized to share your gifts.

What are some things you do when you get into a business rut? Sharing is caring:)

Keep It Sunny!