As the Founder of Sunny Virtual Business Support I am a fitness enthusiast and I have over 10 years worth of administrative & accounting experience working for companies in diverse fields such as non-profit, hospitality, government and entertainment industries as a contractor. I have successfully used my detective skills to resolve problems and provide effective solutions.

 How does that help you?

I created SVBS as a way to share my "Jane Of All" trades skill set. I love entrepreneurship small business (my undergraduate degree is in it) and I love using a variety of my creative skills which include delivering eye-catching content, organized bookkeeping and creating user-friendly operating procedures. While larger companies may have a team of people to help them in these different areas of their business, small business owners do not. You are a "Jane or Jack of everything" that it takes to make your business run and I get that. As your service provider I will use all the skills that I have gained over the years to help you create a competitive advantage in your business. 

The End Game

 My goal is to help you reach success in your business by sharing the knowledge gained from my academic business administration training along with the practical skills and methods learned from working within companies such as Apple, The IRS and Zappos to deliver innovative business solutions to you.

By partnering with me & my knowledgeable vendor partners, you will be ahead of the game by allowing us to use the latest technological tools to support your business while staying abreast of trends that are important to Holistic Health Practitioners and Small Service- Based Business owners.

This enables you to RELAX and stay FOCUSED on growing your core offering within your company. 

Yes, I can take care of the tactical tasks that come along with daily operations and partner up with you to make your business more AWESOME.