5 unorthodox ways to avoid burnout syndrome in your business and number 3 was my favorite

As an online business owner solopreneur, I can relate to information overload and being mentally fatigued. I don’t have a lot of time to get things done so my time is very important.

Plainly put: Getting stuck in the details of doing a project is like hearing nails scratched across the chalkboard. It can overwhelmingly lead to burnout.

In one of Pat Flynn’s podcast, he talks about how we should stop being super-heroes because it is killing our business. You can check that out here. Don’t let this happen to you. Try my 5 unorthodox ways to avoid burnout syndrome in your business. Don’t fizzle out,


  1. Get an accountability partner or join a mastermind group

  2. Go Have Fun: You know sometimes I can take being in business so seriously and forget to look at it from a childlike wonder perspective. When I was a kid I loved to play monopoly or “business lady” and pretend to be a singer and a teacher the list goes on. The point is I had a lot of fun playing out different roles and being creative. Do whatever is fun for you. A hint- it should make you laugh and give you a relaxed mindset.

3. Go help someone else: I recently took the time to go help a family build their dream home via Habitat for humanity. Volunteering and giving back to me is the best feeling in the world. You get to be a positive part of people’s journey, be productive  and take a step away & your mind off your own stuff. This not only helps to fuel the creative spirit in your business but it helps to give you a sense of connection and purpose to God and your community. I Love it!

4. Take a nap or a walk or go sleep walking:) Look the bottom line to this tip is that if you're an entrepreneur you are probably a type A person. That is great but not so great when you start to feel stressed and frazzled so go be a kid again and just take a nap. I promise you things will be much clearer when you return to your workspace

5. Go hit something: Ha! Now this does not mean to hit another person but instead go to the gym and hit a punching bag or the air. I love doing Zumba and working up a nice calorie burn while I run around and pretend I know how to do the meringue.

There you go. 5 ways you can avoid burn out and fall back in love with your business.

Keep It Sunny!