How to make sure your client is a good fit for you

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at

How much time are you spending with potential clients before you take them on as a current client?

Last week we discussed tips on how to attract your ideal client and this week we take a deeper look into how to vet our clients.

In his article, Tips on Vetting Prospective Clients, writer Chip Camden states a golden fact: “We sometimes forget that not all business is good business." Wow! This is so true. 

As health and wellness professionals your time is very valuable and in demand. So using technology to consult with clients is a must in order to work in an efficient way.

Picture this: You kick butt doing all the “right” marketing things, you spend time networking online and in person. Finally, it all pays off in the form of a potential client lead. But what you do next will either leave you in a happy zen place or crying the blues. You must ask yourself this question?

What method should I use to vet my clients?

Should you rely mostly on email, a phone conversation, FaceTime, Skype or some other face to face video tool to meet with them?

This issue was raised on a forum I am a member of and for the professional who posted it the outcome was not good. They chose to use email only. Their potential coaching client was located overseas so they believed that email would be the most efficient tool to use due to the time differences. The health coach mentioned that they should have spent more personal time with this client to make sure it was a good fit BEFORE they signed them up & took their money & subsequently had to offer a refund.

That is the price of not really thinking through how much time should you spend with potential clients before you sign on to help them. It is crucial to pick the right tool or tools so that your consulations produce good results. 

So what tools do you use to vet potential clients? Share your thoughts below.

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