How To Stay Motivated As A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Well the long holiday weekend is over and it is time to groggily get back into the swing of things. For most people it is somewhat easier to do this as they go into the office and mix it up with their colleagues. As a lifestyle entrepreneur it isn't so easy. We work from home or wherever we can get a good internet connection and most importantly we do it alone. And what is more troubling is that most people don't understand that we actually "work" from home and can make a good living at it.  With all this doom & gloom we may even start to doubt ourselves. 

Sounds sad right? Not so fast!

There are many people who are wildly successful at being lifestyle entrepreneurs. Take a break to meet the 35 lifestyle entrepreneurs featured in Navid Moazzez's article, "35 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs You Need To Know."

Perk up and realize that you are in good company. What are your thoughts on being a lifestyle entrepreneur? I would love to hear from you.

Keep It Sunny!