July Bright Spot Round Up - Be Inspired!

Wow! It seems like July blew past us so fast that you have to sit down and take a breathier. :) I hope you took time out to enjoy the 4th of July holiday with your friends & family while giving thanks to the men and women who bravely serve our country.


This month we took a look at the reason’s why we started our businesses in the first place. We used Simon' Sinek’s Ted talk on “It All Starts With Your Why” to help reenergize us and get us refocused. We also took a second look at the post I wrote about easy goal setting to help achieve our important business goals.

America is the land of opportunity. It’s a place where you can start with zero dollars and an idea and make magic happen. As July comes to a close check out these amazing entrepreneur stories below. Most of them started with nothing and rose to the top of their game to offer new and exciting products and services to the marketplace.

Shireen Yates - Co-founder & CEO of NIMA, “Nima Sensor is the first portable device that allows you to test if there is gluten or peanuts in the food that you’re eating. Their goal is to empower consumers with another tool to help make safe food choices.”

Elizabeth Rider - Founder of “The Elizabeth Rider Blog & Host of the TV show Elizabeth Eats, certified health coach, online influencer, international blogger, and wellness expert built a seven-figure online business from scratch using an iPhone and a laptop.”

Payal Kadakia - ClassPass Founder, built a multi-million dollar business based on her passion for dancing. “In its Series C funding round earlier this year, ClassPass was valued at a staggering $470 million.”

Alberto Perez - C0-Founder of Zumba, (my favorite way to workout:) Alberto and his partner “launched the brand in 2001 and began, for a fee, teaching instructors moves they could then relay to their students. In the following years the idea took off and now The workout is taught in 200,000 locations, including hospitals, schools, and community centers. Instructors--there are more than 100,000 of them, by some estimates--pay a fee to get licensed, then a $30 monthly subscription to receive videos with new music and choreography. The company also has an apparel line that's been reported to sell 3.5 million units per year.”

I hope you got a boost of energy to help propel you toward your business goals. July is pretty much in the record books but there is still a tiny bit of time to push those goals across the finish line.

Get an extra boost of inspiration by reading the stories of these entrepreneurs who went for their dreams after the age of 50.

Keep IT Sunny!