Finding A Great Fit: Virtual Assistance in 2016

Photos Courtesy of Stuart Miles|

Photos Courtesy of Stuart Miles|

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We are already in the second week of the new year. Time flies very fast. Are you on track with your goals?

  • New Business Cards Ordered: Check

  • Networking Events to Attend for 2016: Check

  • Help With Monthly Projects & Tasks: NOT CHECKED!

Why are you still struggling to do everything in your business as if it was the year 2000? The Virtual Assistant Industry is on the rise and partnering up with a VA is the 21st century way of getting things accomplished in your business. 

How Do I Find A Top-Notch VA Professional?

Be Professional, Kind & Make Sure It Is The Right Fit For Your Business

Be Professional & Kind- Do not write this in your Ad:  Hi, I am Joe Blow from XYZ company and I am paying $15 an hour to hire a VA to do a long list of stuff. Please don't reply if you expect a pay rate of $X amount of dollars or have any requirements to work with me.


This will surely leave you without the excellent world class service you deserve.

The previous statements are geared towards an employee/employer type relationship. These do exist in the VA world, think Craigslist or Elance. Even if this is the type of relationship you desire this type of ad doesn't leave the reader excited to work with you. Additionally, many virtual assistants work for a firm and are independent contractors. So be careful how you craft your ad unless you are really seeking to hiring an individual as an employee to join your company.

Most often if you are seeking someone who will go beyond being a taskmaster and deliver feedback and brainstorming strategies on the strategic view of your company you will be dealing with a business owner. I am unsure how you would feel if a potential client approached you about gaining help from you for their business and they wrote the above statements. Bad Business Communication 101. 

So to answer the question of "How Do I Find A Top-Notch VA Professional"?

  • Make a list of what type of non-revenue generating tasks/projects you do daily.

  • Figure out if you are ready to partner up with a VA. If you aren't ready to let go and trust someone with your baby, then you are not ready to work with a VA Professional

  • Determine what frequency you will need help. Most VA's charge a monthly retainer just like attorneys to do business with them.

  • Figure out your budget before you seek out a VA

  • Write an interesting RFP that showcases your personality and business in the best light.

  • Check out the potential VA's FAQ list on their site to determine if they are a good fit for you.

Finding the right VA Professional fit for you and your business may take a bit of patience. The end result will be that you will gain your time back and have your very own business partner, cheerleader to help you conquer your strategic goals in 2016.