How To Share A Password With LastPass

If you are like me I have a ton of passwords and I was either writing them down in a notebook or I typed everything in a Google Doc and saved it. The problem with both of those systems is that they were inefficient and not very secure.

Then I started working with clients and knew I needed a secure online tool that I could use to access their sites to work on their projects. I did a lot of research and the password management system LastPass seem to check off all the boxes. It's a one-stop shop for sharing your password information with your business collaborators as well as using it for personal password management.

Check out the video I made below to learn more about how it all works. Are you having trouble remembering all the many passwords it takes to run your business and your life? I can definitely relate. I hope this video provides a solution to bring a little serenity back to this area of your life.



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