Your business is thriving and but you're having issues with faulty credit cards and making easy online payment solutions available for your clients. The technology is available and as it is true of most things in our world today: There is an app for that! Check out Stripe as a payment processing solution for your clients.  

An article posted by QuickBooks online states that, "Credit cards have evolved into one of the most common methods of consumer payment, with nearly 60% of U.S. consumers using cards over cash, according to a recent report by the Federal Reserve". It is important that as an entrepreneur that you provide a simple, easy and convenient tool for your customers to use. This will help them pay for your services easily and it will help you collect receivables more efficiently.

Stripe is a great payment solution that comes with a hosted page that is included in its price. This means your customers will not be taken away from your website to make a payment. Unlike PayPal which does have a hosted page but you must upgrade to their pro plan for that feature. Stripe isn't an invoicing program so you need to connect it to your bookkeeping software which is relatively easy.

The fees are comparative to PayPal. Both Stripe and PayPal both charge 2.9%+$.30 per transaction fees.  The major differentiators that I like are that Stripe has a hosted page for clients to go to for online payments, their fraud resolution tools are user-friendly, they integrate with many third-party apps like QuickBooks Online and they are cost competitive with other comparative options.

Give your customers another option to pay for your services online and check out Stripe to see if it can work for you.

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