I Don't Have Time To Network!

man looking at watch.jpg

Do you feel like this? You are so busy that you don't have time to network? Well picture this: You are humming along in your business taking care of your customers and managing your daily admin tasks and then suddenly......business starts to SLOW down to a crawl.

What do you do then?

Oh you can contact that person you met at that networking event to see if they need help from you.

Oh wait a minute....you didn't have time to go to the networking event....bummer.

Does this sound familiar?

I hope it doesn't but if it does then it is time right now to start networking with other business owners. It isn't necessary to even leave your house and go sit at a lunch and learn type of event or an evening mixer. You can start online using a platform such as Alignable.com.

Alignable is similar to LinkedIn but with more focus on small business and building a true community. I started a profile a few months ago and forgot about it and then guess what my business started to dry up with clients so I thought about how I could network with other business owners to share what I know and learn from them in a cost-effective way.

Alignable.com definitely fits the bill. Check out Alignable.com and this post from one of the members. He explained why Alignable.com was the best choice over using LinkedIn. I personally think you can use both but he definitely convinced me to put more effort in networking with Alignable.  Are you using online networking tools right now? What are the best ones that you recommend?

Keep it Sunny!