No Employees Wanted

Image courtesy of Ambro/

Image courtesy of Ambro/

As a solopreneur or small business owner the idea of running your business without employees probably has crossed your mind on occasion. The questions you might have pondered quietly are "Is this possible? Why should I consider this and how can I do this?"  Well, it is possible. Many companies have successfully adopted this business model. And it is on the rise. According to "One third of Americans are freelancers (17 million people), contractors and consultants right now and there will be more of them than full-time employees in six years. Also, "Employers are saving more money hiring freelancers because they don’t have to pay benefits and they are looking to hire experts who can complete specialized projects."  Why should you consider this? There are many reasons why it could make sense to shift from the idea of having employees to working with freelancers or partnering with vendor companies to provide support. cites three good reasons:

a) The business does not have employees available to perform the tasks.

b) Demand is uncertain.

c) The job requires a specialized skill that the company lacks or the business owner doesn't plan to specialize in.

Whatever your reason you might want to consider trying out this business model in your company for a short period of time to test it out to see if it is something that can help you to be more efficient and gain more revenue for your company. Of course we can assist you in one-on-one virtual assistant business support and connecting you with other service providers that you may need. Share your thoughts on this new way of doing business below.

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