Social Proof

image courtesy of Stuart Miles

What do people say when you tell them you want to be a health & wellness coach?

Are they confused? Do they discourage you from doing something that seems so left field? Do you secretly have doubts that what you want to do is even a real profession?

Well here is some social proof to give you encouragement. According to an article published in The Hill, "Health coaches are the future of preventive health care". And the U.S. government agrees, by passing the recent Health and Wellness Coach resolution. "Both parties clearly understand and agree with the new research and a growing movement embracing a holistic approach to wellness with food and lifestyle as the new prescription of choice and health coaches as the guides".

Be encouraged and motivated to continue toward your dreams of changing lives by being a health & wellness coach! 

Have you been met with opposition toward your goals? How did you move past them? I hope this little snapshot of social proof helps you to side-step the naysayers.

Keep It Sunny!