4 Reasons Why You Can't Get Anything Done In Your Business & How To Move Forward

Do you feel like this in your business?

pexels-photo-happy lady.jpeg


Do you feel like this in your business?


If you feel like the second photo then you are not alone.

According to a survey found on Small Biz Trends website, "72% of Small Business Owners Feel Overwhelmed".


There could be a variety of reasons why we as entrepreneurs could be feeling this way.

Reason Number One:  There aren't any processes in place in your business!

Do you have specific tasks that you do to engage with prospective clients and after they become your client? If so take a moment to write down those tasks and begin to create steps toward a workflow. This will help you to get a visual on what repetitive steps you are doing in your business and create a streamlined process for doing it. If you need tools to help you visualize everything try MindMeister and Evernote.

Reason Number Two: You have shiny object syndrome!

I am always getting excited about whatever new training tool or workshop that pops up and then when something else comes along I head for that. I know that I am not alone in chasing the latest and greatest "shiny object" but this acronym for focus has been helping me tremendously; follow one course until success equals F.O.C.U.S. 

John Lee Dumas says this all the time and as you guys know I am a huge fan of his. The reason I love this acronym is that it helps me to stay laser-focused what I am currently working on and avoid "shiny object syndrome". Staying focused and not allowing myself to drift off the deep end helps me to be more productive in my business. If there is something that looks cool and interesting to me I just use tools like Pocket, Evernote Web Clipper or Clipular to capture the information for future reviewing.

Reason Number Three: You are too focused on the big picture!

 As entrepreneurs we get so excited about our big picture goals; hitting a certain dollar revenue or creating awesome products to sell to our clients. But we don't get so excited about doing the small routine daily tasks to get there. 

The hardest thing it seems to do as an entrepreneur is to: 


But it must be done in order to achieve those big-picture goals. My system is very simple. I break tasks into daily to-do lists of 3 items or less. I use a notepad that I can physically cross things off as they are completed.  If other things get done that are outside of my 3 things then that is gravy on the biscuit. It may sound boring but it can be very exhilarating to see things finally get crossed off your list because you were able to just get it done!

Reason Number Four: You don't Reward Yourself!

Do you treat yourself like a prisoner? Well, that's not going to motivate you to get through a boring task. But if you knew that at the end of an exhausting project you have whatever your favorite thing to do waiting for you then it could make working on tasks that much more fun. After I am done writing this post I will shut down and watch a movie with popcorn. 

What about you? Do you have things that are preventing you from accomplishing your business goals? Share in the comments below.